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MoodMend Stress Support

MoodMend Stress Support

MoodMend Stress Support is an over the counter anxiety supplement meant to help users to better cope with symptoms of anxiety, stress, mood swings and even panic attacks.

The official description for the product on the manufacturer – Nutracraft – website says that it has been formulated and designed to assist its users in coping with life’s struggles, particularly when it comes to stress. It promises to both naturally and scientifically “level your moods.”

The ingredients within this formula include Aswaganda, GABA, 5-HTP, and DMAE, as well as calcium, a vitamin B complex and chamomile. These are all ingredients commonly found within products meant to calm the mind. In fact, some are used in sleep supplements meant to ease an overly active mind that can keep people awake. That said, this formula promises that its ingredients will help a user to “enjoy a feeling of overall healthful and balanced positive outlook.” This product is supposed to boost the mood in an all natural way and at an extra strength level, though the description has not described what extra strength is supposed to mean.

The official website also goes on to describe the product as being healthier and better for the user than an energy drink. This is an interesting comparison because it doesn’t appear that energy drinks and this product are used for the same reason. Moreover, there aren’t any stimulants in this product, so it wouldn’t be used for energizing – nor does it claim to. This claim stood out as quite strange among the other statements made about this product.

It does promise to decrease feelings of stress and panic so that a user can move on and live a more balanced and happy life.

Unfortunately, the official website for this product does not go so far as to back any of its claims with actual science. No studies were cited in the description of this product, despite the lengths to which it goes to make extensive claims and to describe all the ingredients. This is a shame because while there has been some research conducted on these ingredients, it’s evident that none of them are considered to be proven in terms of the claims made about this product.

Still, there could be some calm-supporting benefits to this product based on the ingredients that it contains. While it is unlikely to offer the type of outstanding results described on its website, many people could potentially find that their stress and tensions can be eased to a certain degree with the help of this product.

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