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Lotronex is a brand name prescription medication for women who suffer from severe cases of diarrhea-prominent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is typically used to treat severe, chronic IBS in women who have had diarrhea as their main symptom for a minimum of 6 months. It is only prescribed to women who have previously tried other IBS treatments, but have had no success with these treatments. It is not used for men simply because the drug has not shown to be effective in male IBS sufferers.

Lotronex contains alosetron, which is also the generic name for the drug. Alosetron works by relaxing the colon and slowing the movement of stools through the bowels. More specifically, it blocks the action of the chemical serotonin in the intestines. Studies have found that alosetron can improve abdominal discomfort and reduce diarrhea and urgency of bowel movements.

This drug is an oral medication and should be taken exactly as directed by a physician. It can only be prescribed by doctors enrolled in a special program. Anyone who takes this medication should thoroughly read the medication guide they receive from the pharmacist before taking it. If the medication is ever stopped by the user for any reason, they must consult with their doctor again before re-staring treatment.

It should also be noted that Lotronex is not a cure for IBS. After a person stops taking this medication, it is likely that their symptoms will return within one week.

Lotronex has been linked to both severe and fatal side effects. However, many women who take this medication do not experience serious side effects. The most common side effect associated with the drug is constipation.

That being said, serious side effects linked to alosetron include, but are not necessarily limited to: severe constipation, bloody stools/diarrhea, new or worsening abdominal/stomach pain. Inform your doctor right away of these symptoms.

Moreover, in some cases, Lotronex may increase serotonin and cause a rare but serious condition known as serotonin syndrome/toxicity. Some symptoms of this condition include rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, severe dizziness, loss of coordination, twitching muscles, severe nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, difficulty breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms seek medical help immediately.

Prior to taking Lotronex, tell your doctor about any medications (prescription and OTC) that you may be taking, as well as supplements. Also inform him or her of any past or current health conditions you may have, especially any gastrointestinal health concerns including an inflammatory bowel disease (ex. Chron’s, ulcerative colitis), diverticulitis, intestinal circulation problems or blood clots, or a history of severe or ongoing constipation.

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